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Hospitality, Canteens, Care homes and Schools, just a few examples in which hygiene is often substandard. Rob Geus heads out to investigate those kind of situations after a SOS call from citizens in 'Smerige Zaken!'.

Type: Reality

Languages: Dutch

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2016-05-22

Smerige Zaken! - Rob Geus - Netflix

Rob Geus (born 15 July 1971, Rotterdam) is a Dutch cook and TV presenter.

Smerige Zaken! - De Smaakpolitie - Netflix

Geus started presenting his programme De Smaakpolitie with SBS 6 in 2002, which was co-created by Geus and Maureen du Toit. In this show, Geus visits restaurants and checks their kitchens for hygiene and safety. When Geus is convinced that the restaurant meets the hygiene and safety standards, he awards said restaurant with a Smaakpolitie OK-sticker. Most times restaurants won't be awarded this sticker, but are given advice how they can improve their hygiene and safety. Geus advises people every broadcast to use labels on food with an expiration date on it. When visiting restaurants are really lacking in hygiene according to Geus, he awards them with a T-shirt with the text: 'Hier word ik niet vrolijk van'(This doesn't make me happy) printed on it. This is a famous oneliner which Geus has been using since season one. In 2006 Geus recorded a single together with the Gebroeders Ko which used this oneliner. Geus has also visited student dorms in his television programme De Smaakpolitie. His programme attracted nearly one million viewers each broadcast in 2007. Geus also presented the programme Red Mijn Vakantie! together with Alberto Stegeman in which he solved problems at holiday destinations. Geus opened his own pancake restaurant on 4 September 2010, his establishment is located in Maastricht.

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