Temporary Idols - Netflix

A producer for many successful idols suddenly has an existential crisis and vanishes. When he reappears years later, he starts to assemble a new co-ed idol group.

Temporary Idols - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: Ended

Runtime: 40 minutes

Premier: 2017-11-27

Temporary Idols - Kim Min-kyo - Netflix

Kim Min-kyo (Hangul: 김민교, born April 15, 1974) is a South Korean actor and director. He is well known for a cast member ('crew') on the tvN entertainment show Saturday Night Live Korea.

Temporary Idols - Insolent Romance - Netflix

Prior to joining SNL Korea, he wrote and directed a Korean play called Want Night (달콤한 원나잇), which was later re-branded as Insolent Romance (발칙한 로맨스), a globally-successful Korean movie director Daniel Bong-phil Goo, who meets his first-ever loved female friend called Ma Soo-ji, who had married after he left to Hollywood of Los Angeles over a decade ago, which is not usually happened in Korean society but included Kim Min-kyo's own possible and imaginary situations. During a winter season of 2012-2013, he acted a main character of this play, Goo Bong-phil (구봉필). This play has been co-worked with his Seoul Institute of the Arts colleague Kim Su-ro as his producer. Its commercial success in Daehangno led Kim Su-ro to make a series of launching authentic stage plays called Kim Su-ro Project (김수로 프로젝트), and this play marks the 1st product of the project.

Temporary Idols - References - Netflix